Jungle Vision - FOTH & Friends [Inner Minds Recordings]

by FOTH (Fool on the Hill)



"The Inner Minds Recordings camp are back with one of their most ambitious musical projects yet with the release of the 'Jungle Vision' album, featuring 13 massive tracks from master junglist, FOTH and a plethora of the jungle scene's top underground talent. Taking inspiration from classic television shows and then plunging them into the deepest, murkiest depths of the jungle the 'Jungle Vision' album is sure to have some surprises up it's sleeve....

FOTH sets the ball rolling with the comically frantic 'Father Ted Music', a junglistic fusion of dialogue lifted from the legendary 'New Jack City' episode featuring the infamous bad boy priest, Father Finton Stack set to roughneck breaks and bass. Autonomation steps up next with 'The ALF Jungle', which layers frenetic, 1993 style darkcore riffs and stepping breaks with vintage 80's, sci-fi sitcom vocal snippets.

Australia's 'Angry Boys' receives a full-on amen beatdown by FOTH with 'Nathan!', which in spite of it's manic-ness, manages to squeeze in an intoxicatingly soothing, jazzy synth in the latter third. NickyNutz presents his very own assimilation of every kid's after school, cartoon favourite with 'Inspecta Gadget' and drowns the iconic theme tune in booming bass and chopped up amen breaks.

Futurama's Bender is provided with a lushly atmospheric, liquid D&B soundtrack in FOTH's hypnotically trippy, pad driven 'Godfellas (Original Mix)' before DJ Case presents 'Music Industry', which pairs uncompromising stepping breaks with an undulating, pulsating bassline and haunting, sweeping synths. Also featuring the inept talents of Jez and Super Hans from classic comedy series, 'Peep Show'!!!

FOTH returns once more with 'Completed It M8' which pilfers from those 'Inbetweeners' and throws them into a fiercely tearing, amen break propelled jungle blender and served with a generous portion of warped 'Dread Bass' throbs. NickyNutz swiftly dons his pastel coloured suit to rip apart Jan Hammer's emotively cheesy '80's synthesizer monstrosity, 'Crockett's Theme' and toughens it up by welding on a rugged, rattling breakbeat backbone coupled with a roaring Reese bass drones.

Super Hans makes his second appearance on FOTH's rolling, atmospheric jungle masterpiece 'Soul Searching (Looking In The Mirror)' which perfectly balances lighter, heavenly textures with darker elements set to a frantic percussive backing. 'Televised In Russian Jungle' sees Autonomaton drop obscure, vintage USSR TV snippets over a hard-stepping break and thundering in 808 bass booms while FOTH's 'Continue (Innermost Mix)' spreads Limmy's thought provoking 'Wee Guy' monologue over a head-noddingly, chilled drum & bass number. That is until the amen break is set loose!!!

The inimitable Nickey Havey captures the breathtaking melody from FOTH's 'Godfellas' and delivers an invigorating, hi-energy drum & bass re-lick that perfectly compliments it's original source. Last and most certainly not least, Rad Rod & Zsonic closes the album with the uncompromisingly psychedelic, jungle-footwork crossbreed, 'Bad Boy George (Sinefld)', which amalgamates unsettling sonic artifacts with restless, scuttling. breaks to create a perfectly leftfield conclusion.

With 'Jungle Vision', FOTH and Friends embark on a journey to scour some of the most unconventional sample sources to create masterpieces of breakbeat based music which in many cases 'should not work', but do. So if you like a touch of the 'avant-garde' with your jungle, then this will most definitely be to your taste!

The FOTH & Friends 'Jungle Vision' album is available to purchase from the Inner Minds Recordings Bandcamp page for FREE, or if you wish to support the artists and label to create further musical ventures then you can donate however much you feel the album is worth!!!"

- Strictly NuSkool Blog, original review here - strictlynuskool.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/foth-friends-jungle-vision-13-track.html?m=1

Download the album from Inner Minds Recordings - innerminds.bandcamp.com/album/foth-friends-jungle-vision

Huge respect to all at Inner Minds, Strictly NuSkool Blog, Autonomaton, NickyNutz, DJ Case, Nicky Havey, Rad Rod & Zsonic.


released April 25, 2016



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