Essence of the Jungle EP [WJEP008]

by FOTH (Fool on the Hill)

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"FOTH - Fool on the Hill returns to Wicked Jungle Records with yet another excursion into the sound of the Jungle.
The Essence of Jungle goes deep into the sounds of atmospherics and breakbeats. It captures emotion and creates soundscapes that allow you to delve deep into your mind and explore thoughts and creativity.
The sounds of the EP stay fresh while maintaining a call back to the early days of Jungle, break beat deconstruction and splicing, and deep bass bombs!" - Wicked Jungle Records

"The Fool On The Hill returns from his ventures into deep, unexplored jungle territory to bring to you a quintet of the most obscure and elusive dubs with the release of the 'Essence Of The Jungle' EP on Wicked Jungle Records.

FOTH sets the ball rolling to the lush tropical sounds of 'Jungle Life', an inspired fusion of hyper-kinetic breaks, atmospheric pads and the original 'King of The Jungle' David Attenborough nature documentary snippets. Up next we are introduced to the trippy, jazz-tinged sounds of 'Sound Of The Jungle', which layers tearing amens over a myriad of psychedelic sound FX and manipulated vocal textures.

The perplexingly titled stepper, 'Touch My Cheddar' expertly fuses together dreamy, synth notes and soothing pads with rude-bwoy, junglistic bass notes to create an expertly crafted melting pot of light and dark flavours. 'Why Do You', takes us down a dark route by dropping menacing, gangster movie dialogue over a succession of fiercely sliced-and-diced breakbeats and deep bass pulses.

The collection is then book-ended by the emotively piano led 'A Good Day To Be Alive'. A which soon evolves into an intense blend of soothing pads, juxtaposed by tearing drum-breaks and vintage, tech-step Reese bass growls.

If you have yet to discover the talents of FOTH, then the excellent 'Essence Of The Jungle' EP will be the perfect stepping-on point for anyone looking to immerse themselves in his world of deep and multi-faceted jungle.

FOTH's 'The Essence Of Jungle' EP is available to download and stream from all good Wicked Jungle Records digital download stores and streaming sites now!!!" - Strictly Nuskool Blog

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Thanks & respect to WJ, SNB & all who have supported this EP so far.


released June 6, 2017



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