The Soprano Sound EP [WJEP 003]

by FOTH (Fool on the Hill)



"The Soprano Sound EP is a gangster filled artistic sojourn through the sounds of Jungle. FOTH hits the mark with an originality that few people can match. Each tune is an entire world unto itself. Musical arrangements morph and change to the rhythm of expertly chopped and crafted break beats. This EP is a must for any Junglist that is looking for a musical journey into a sound they have never heard before."

- Wicked Jungle Records

"The inimitable FOTH (aka Fool On The Hill) makes his return to Wicked Jungle Records with a fresh selection of five lushly atmospheric, yet rugged jungle grooves with the release of 'The Soprano Sound EP'.

The EP opens to the sounds of 'OG Original Gangsta's moodily languid, jazzy intro which soon builds up to an all-out amen assault, complimented with menacing quotes lifted from the infamous crime boss, Christopher from 'The Sopranos' to take you on an intense jungle trip. The gangster TV series theme continues on with 'Mother Of Mercy (UR The Boss)', an expertly crafted exercise in contrasting themes with its blend of tearing breaks, orgasmic female sighs and gentle music box melodies.

In a similar vein we are next introduced to the trippy sounds of 'The World Is A Jungle' which combines dreamlike atmospherics with frantic amen break edits and massive, descending bass throbs which sets us up perfectly for even more off-kilter sample usage on the frankly insane 'Soprano Sound'. A track which utilises the usual jungle staples, booming bass notes, gunshots, amen choppage with eclectic film snippets and a hauntingly eerie, and seriously mangled female vocal melody.

'The Soprano Sound EP' is brought to a conclusion with George Of The Jungle's menacingly dark jungle reinterpretation of 'OG Original Gangsta', which takes the rough junglism of the original and drops an exhilarating synth, bassline and Apache break accented drop.

As with previous releases, FOTH has delved deep into his sample treasure trough to deliver a richly varied tapestry of jungle themes complimented by expertly crafted drum programming. If you like your jungle eclectic and innovate then 'The Soprano Sound EP' ticks all the boxes.

FOTH's 'The Soprano Sound EP' is available to download and stream from all good Wicked Jungle Records digital download stores and streaming sites now!!!"

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Big respect to all at Wicked Jungle Records & SNB.


released June 28, 2016



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