Foreverhard [SNBEP018]

by FOTH (Fool on the Hill)




Artist: FOTH
Album title: FOREVERHARD EP [Available on Free Download - Out from the Strictly Nuskool Blog]
Cat. number.: SNBEP018
Release Date: 29th February 2016
Format: .mp3


01. Around
02. Cosmic Clutter (Planetary Nuttah)
03. Foreverhand
04. Frogs
05. I'm Hardcore
06. Wicked Mathematics


FOTH [Fool on the Hill] (UK)


'The second 2016 instalment of the Strictly Nuskool Blog is out now and once again available on free download. This time we are proud to present you a Jungle friendly 5track EP by UK's Drum & Bass/Jungle producer FOTH (a.k.a. Fool On The Hill)

FOTH has already released tracks on various labels like Dark Til Dawn Records, Manic Jungle Manic Beats Records, Ransaked Records, Bill Up Recordings, Beatroot Records, Digitr@x, Liquid Dreams Recordings, Fuelled By, Peng Selection and this new EP is a strong proof and clear usage of his stylee representing the Nuskool movement of Jungle!

You may read some following words from him, about this new release as well as track-by-track quick review...

" As with a lot of my music, the 'Foreverhard EP' is an experiment of sounds. Although I am predominantly jungle/drum & bass based, I grew up with all the old rock music & my tastes have developed greatly - I like a little bit of everything really.

I guess I always wanted to create a new sound when I first got into producing music & I feel there are definitely some new vibes amongst this EP.

'Foreverhard' displays my passion for sampling movies with the fight scene from the classic 'Friday', mixed with a dark synth, some gritty sub & some thrashy breaks which leads to 'Around'. Here I have created a nice mellow feeling with a spacious synth, mixed with a clip from an interview with Jimi Hendrix. The beat might throw you off at the start, imagine a house beat, restricted by the size of the bar, suddenly breaking free & becoming into a light jungle rhythm, taking you high amongst the clouds.

There's really not much to say about 'Wicked Mathematics' - as soon as I heard it on the deck, I had to remix it. Lately I've been playing around with some techno styles which you will hear in this EP.

Next we come to 'Frogs' which is titled so because I recorded the frogs in my garden last summer and used it in this track, along with a recording of me playing breaks for a few bars, & other drum hits & bass! It actually didn't make it to a previous EP because it just didn't fit with the vibe; so I held it back & waited for the right moment to come a long.

'Cosmic Clutter' is for the stompers, with its jungley trancey technoey sound.

Now we reach the end of the EP - 'I'm Hardcore' will wind you down & put you in a positive place; listen as John Bonham's classic drum break from the classic 'Rock & Roll' by Led Zeppelin, plays on loop, accompanied by a heavenly atmosphere, now Erick Sermon & Redman joining us with some tight rhymes throughout the track. A footwork beat works itself in, slowly taking over & gently fading out.

I really hope you enjoy the 'Foreverhard EP' & will be interested to hear what you think about it. Massive respect to all at the SNB & all of you for your support so far. One love!" '

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released February 29, 2016



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